InTime Scoring is a multi-discipline, multilingual skydiving scoring software suite for managing, scoring, publishing and broadcasting of indoor and outdoor competitions.

InTime Scoring offers scoring for all disciplines and is ISC-approved for Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events, Canopy Formation, Canopy Piloting, and Wingsuit Performance Flying. In addition, you can customise your own unique or adapted events into the system (e.g. development categories, novelty events, new formations, etc.).

The system is updated annually with the ISC rule updates and all the new features and functions we can cram into the release. Attractive, professional audience displays, intuitive user interfaces, various web publishing options and so much more, all included in the suite. Our extensive feature set has evolved over 12 years of input from our global InTime community - judges, competitors, spectators and customers across the globe. Thanks to this community, we now offer more disciplines and more functionality in a single solution than any other system on the market.

We are still driven by our original primary principles:

  • Customer independence. If you want our assistance, we love being a part of your meets, but we want that to be your choice. The system is designed to be run by you, independently of us.
  • Audience replays and visibility of every competitor and every meet, no matter how small or casual. Put it on the screen, send it to the web and celebrate our athletes and sport. Our public displays, kiosks, replay clips, web publishing, and broadcaster tools all serve this principle.
  • No specialised equipment, keeping InTime Scoring affordable, accessible, manageable and portable.
  • InTime Scoring Express Editions allow individuals to purchase a low cost, standalone judging system for their personal use; a quick and easy, one-judge system to take anywhere!

Flexibility: InTime Scoring is used worldwide for meets of all sizes, from Mondial World Championships to afternoon club mini-meets. Using the same software and licence you can scale up and scale down as often as you like.

Browse our competition archive to see some of our customers and competitions from the past, or browse our "InTime Sportal", which we hope to see filling up with new meets as you all emerge safely from a quiet 2020 sport scene.

Annual updates follow each ISC Plenary to comply with the FAI rule changes, ensuring that your investment remains current and continues to add value.

Artistic Events
Canopy Formation
Canopy Piloting
Formation Skydiving
Wingsuit Flying
Dynamic Flying
Speed Skydiving